Hugh Carleton, first Viscount Carleton, was a prominent judge, and at one time a proprietor of Willow Park.

William Downes, first Baron Downes, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, had a house called Merville in Booterstown, and passed on there in 1826.

Maziere Brady, Lord Chancellor of Ireland for just about 20 years was a local of Booterstown. His family claimed what is presently Willow Park School.

Richard Robert Madden inhabited 4 Booterstown Avenue (a plaque is noted here) and on Vernon Terrace. He was an Irish specialist, author, abolitionist and student of history of the United Irishmen.

Eoin MacNeill, who lived on South Hill Avenue, Booterstown, was an Irish researcher, patriot, progressive and politician.

John McCormack lived in Booterstown for a brief timeframe, in the house named “Glena”, neglecting the ocean inverse the Booterstown Marsh. He kicked the bucket there in 1945.[8]

Kevin O’Higgins lived in a house called “Dunamase” and was the Minister for Justice in the Government of the Irish Free State. He was killed on the Booterstown end of Cross Avenue on his approach to mass at the nearby area church, Church of the Assumption, on 10 July 1927 by individuals from the IRA. It is trusted that he was killed for requesting the execution of seventy-seven republicans amid his tenure.

Se├ín MacBride, Irish government serve and conspicuous global legislator, who lived in Booterstown. In his initial life, while he was an individual from the IRA, he was accused of the murder of Kevin O’Higgins in 1927.

Maurice Neligan was an Irish heart specialist conceived in Booterstown, noted for completing Ireland’s first coronary vein sidestep join in 1975, Ireland’s first heart transplant in 1985 and an expected 15,000 open heart medical procedure activities, numerous on youngsters. He was likewise an author of the adjacent Blackrock Clinic.

Kenny Carroll, Irish cricketer, conceived in Booterstown.

Simon Watson, Irish picture, inside, and travel photographic artist, conceived in Booterstown.